University of Iowa Kinnick Stadium

Demanding sequencing with multiple products: When a project calls for a different function by floor, and a different function from one end of the building to the other, and construction sequencing that included demolishing an eight-story structure that will be within 3-feet of the new construction, then tie-it-all-together, that was Kinnick Stadium. Sports press-boxes have an interesting design challenge, whether it is unobstructed view for the reporters (12ft tall butt-glazed heavy glass), open-air feeling for the suite owners (5ft x 8ft operable windows that can be positioned with one finger), or removal of the opening for television broadcasting (custom bi-fold doors), Forman Ford was there to deliver over fifteen (15) different product types to this challenging facility. The construction sequencing called for the ‘new press box’ to be constructed adjacent to the then-existing press box at either end (from the 30-yard line to the end zone on both sides respectively). Following the final football game, the then-existing press box was demolished and the ‘bridge-press box’ was built between to link the two structures at either end. Coordination and attention to detail was essential to ensure a tie-in for the two structures.

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