Custom Entrance Systems

With an understanding of project demands and deliverables, we have established a system whereby we control the chain of events. We perform the following in-house:
  • In House Engineering and Programming to ensure 100% compatibility and accuracy.
  • Computer controlled CNC and Saw Systems to maintain said accuracy to within .001".
  • Welding and assembly conducted upon custom designed squaring tables to ensure a quality fit.
  • Hardware installation in a controlled environment to the greatest extent possible, avoiding contamination or damage to finishes and internal components.
  • Hardware Procurement is available upon request.
  • Jobsite installation and service contracts available for a single-source solution for all of your entrance and hardware needs.

We offer a variety of levels of service that we can provide for your particular project to meet your exact needs.
  • Blank doors and frames for onsite preparation for and installation of hardware and doors by others.
  • Prepped doors and frame for onsite installation of hardware and doors by others.
  • Complete door system (assembled and hardware installed) for onsite installation of doors by others.
  • Installed door systems, our highest, and recommended, level of service, allows us to control the entire process from concept to handover, all but eliminating any chance of costly error or oversights.

Through our own expertise and relationships with industry leaders in the aluminum door hardware business, we often identify and resolve potential problems well before others can even imagine a problem exists. This allows us to deliver doors to our customers, with the desired and necessary functions, and without needless and costly delays or reworks.

In addition, we can furnish the hardware for the project as well as extend service contracts for the required warranty periods in your contract documents. Pricing is available for your specific opportunity upon request.

We have provided systems from industry leading suppliers, including by not limited to:
1. Kawneer
2. YKK
3. Vistawall a division of Oldcastle Building Envelope
4. Tubelite
5. Pittco
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