Forman Ford

Division 5

05 00 00 Metals

From the structural steel columns and beams that constitute the skeletal frame to the bent and formed metals used to create roofs, floors, stairs, or decorative fabrications, metals are incorporated throughout the entire building.  Today’s project may include a metal or aluminium curtain wall, metal studs for the exterior walls or stainless steel hand rails with glass inserts.  The variety and versatility of metal is unlimited.  Metal is also considered a “green” material because of the recycled content used during manufacturing and its ability to be recycled once it is no longer needed.
With the increased use of this material for decorative and functional purposes, we have expanded our scope to include these materials. Our metal fabrications include standard metal shapes, plates, grates and specialties. These elements are commonly used in the construction of stairs, railings, floors, enclosures and other assemblies. Fabrications can be made from steel, cast aluminium, aluminium alloy or stainless steel.

Further information and project samples available through division sub-specs reachable via left navigation bar.
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